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ProTeam Corvette makes news! Vettes in the Press. These news clips and photos are intended for media outlets and public use. If you want to use any of these images on a web page, please add a photo credit and a link back to our website. Have a specific question or request -

For pdf downloads of the latest press releases, click here.

To Live and Breathe Corvettes By: Chelsey Hinsenkamp, editorial staff Mecum Auctions...There are some individuals who have unquestionably influenced the collector-car industry, shaping it and molding it into what it's become today. We're not talking about the designers and historical figures who gave birth to these great machines, but the buyers and sellers that stand as giants in the modern-day marketplace and the experts of the marques. We're talking about men that have turned the "hobby" into their livelihood; men like Terry Michaelis, president and co-owner of ProTeam Corvette in Napoleon, Ohio... Continue to Full Article

1953 Daytona Beach NASCAR #211 and 1958 Chitwood Thrill Show Car Honored in Denver … Two of ProTeam’s historically significant and highly editorialized Corvettes received the NCRS AMERICAN HERITAGE Award® in Denver at the 2015 NCRS National Convention. The award is among the most respected and important in the marque and it isn’t for the faint of heart. After an initial qualifying round where sign-off is needed to even compete for the prize, the car is then judged on its merit on the national stage. How rare is this feat? Only 44 Corvettes have ever received the AMERICAN HERITAGE® award out of total production of over 1.6 million Corvettes built. ProTeam’s 1953 Daytona Beach NASCAR #211 and the 1958 Chitwood Thrill Show Car are the only two that made the cut… a credit to the integrity of the cars themselves and the team in Napoleon who brought these cars up to incredibly high standards. Click here to read more about these Corvettes and this honor.

The Untold Story of #211... Terry Michaelis spent 3-1/2 years researching the untold story of the early Corvette’s participation in NASCAR sanctioned events in 1955-57. His herculean effort is important because these NASCAR Corvettes may have helped save the Corvette from the dustbin of automotive history. Engaging because of the relationship between Chevrolet Engineering and NASCAR. Captivating because of the larger than life personalities who envisioned the Corvette as America’s Sportscar and the men who drove these race cars in Daytona Beach and the Carolinas. Click here to read more or email the author directly at

TERRY MICHAELIS FEATURED IN NEW BOOK... Terry Michaelis, ProTeam president, is prominently featured in Wallace Wyss' latest barn find book: "The Baroness and The Mercedes & 49 other Entertaining True Tales From the World of Rare and Exotic Car Collecting." Click here to read more or email the author directly at

Terry Michaelis is inducted into Bloomington Gold Great Hall 2014... - Terry Michaelis, President of ProTeam Corvette, has been inducted into the Bloomington Gold Great Hall class of 2014. An honor reserved for those people and cars that were pioneers and influenced the Corvette hobby and the Corvette phenomenon. Click here to read more.

Dick Lang’s Z06 Tanker Race Car Wins Best in Class at Dayton Concours d’Elegance... ProTeam’s 1963 ex-Dick Lang Tanker Race Car finished the concours season with the Best in Class award at the Dayton Concours d’Elegance at Carillon Park on September 15th. Click here to read more.

ProTeam Corvette wins American Heritage award with Dick Lang’s 1963 Z06 Race Car... ProTeam’s ace mechanic, Billy Rodenhauser, participated and received the NCRS American Heritage award for ProTeam at the NCRS National Convention awards banquet on Thursday evening July 25th. Click here to read more.

ProTeam Corvettes Go 3 for 3 at Bloomington Benchmark Judging... ProTeam Corvettes won not one, not two, but three Benchmark awards at the June 2013 Bloomington Gold event held in Champaign, Illinois. This feat is a rare jewel among Corvette hobbyists and unheard of when considering they were judged from one collection in the same weekend. Click here to read more.

ProTeam’s ex-Dick Lang Z06 Tanker Race Car Wins Awards at Ault Park Concours... ProTeam’s 1963 ex-Dick Lang Tanker Race Car recently took home the Best in Class award, First Place award, and Special Display award at the 36th Annual Ault Park Concours held in Cincinnati June 9th. Click here to read more.

Rare Corvettes Reunited at ProTeam NCRS Event... ProTeam Corvette hosted nearly 200 Corvette faithful at a NCRS Corvette seminar featuring some of today’s foremost Corvette researchers and a panel including the GM engineers who crafted the Corvette’s image and its sports car tradition. Still, the participants were over-shadowed by the real stars of the day-long event by three 1953-55 Corvettes fashioned by Chevrolet Engineering (Experimental Shop and Garage) for NASCAR stock car activity (racing) and a 1963 “Cinderella story”. Click here to read more.

Legendary Driver and his Equally Famous Corvette Reunite for a Long Weekend... Legendary race car driver, Tony DeLorenzo was recently reunited with his ex-1967 Black L88 race car on November 20th/21st, 2010 at the Chicago Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. Tony D's name and L88 Corvettes are synonymous as Tony started his Corvette racing career in the very first production L88... a triple black convertible that he raced A-Production and thrashed in 1967 to win a title in SCCA run-offs, prior to moving on in 1968 and 1969 in Owens-Corning backed L88's. Tony DeLorenzo was one of the most editorialized racers of his time and volumes are available for your read online, google, or other search engines Click here to read more.

Michaelis among Martin's Corvette Market Seminar Set For January 2011... Terry Michaelis, president of ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection, has been named once again to add his expertise to the Keith Martin Corvette Market Seminar slated for January 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The panel discussion and answer/question session is set to coincide with the Barrett-Jackson Auction Annual Collector Car event. Click here to read more.

Terry Michaelis on Selection Committee for The "Exclusive" Great Hall... Michaelis has been named to the selection committee for Bloomington Gold's The Great Hall. Terry is in good company as some of the biggest names in the hobby sit on the eight member committee, among them is baseball hall-of-famer Reggie Jackson. Click here to read more.

CAPITALIZE ON CURRENCY... Classic car enthusiasts from around the globe are taking advantage of the exchange rates and spending their money on U.S. good and services. At ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales there is increased interest in the company’s inventory from car buyers in countries like Austria, France, Spain, The Netherlands and more. To read more, click here.

A High Mile Corvette Story... To the moon and around the world in 267,464 miles. Click here to read the story of this amazing high mile unrestored California Corvette..

CORVETTE MARKET TODAY By McCullough Public Relations... Are Corvettes investments, rewards, or just old cars? Click Here to read the article and let us know what you think.

PRESS BIO AVAILABLE Feel free to examine and use the following bio's on ProTeam's owner, Terry Michaelis and a history ProTeam Classic Corvettes and the facility and the collection itself. If you plan on visiting, we ask that you call ahead for an appointment toll free at: 888-592-5086 or email us:

Terry Michaelis: Question & Answer Session Terry Michaelis has answered a lot of questions over the thirty plus years as he and his brother Fred Michaelis have slowly and methodically accumulated the world's most dynamic collection of classic Corvettes but never has Terry answered them all at once. Click Here to read the the ultimate Q&A with the man at the height of his game and on top of the market. If you have any more questions, just email

Media Highlight Section Want a quick outline of the newsworthy stories ProTeam has to offer? Check out the Corvette Media Highlights. If you want to discuss these stories in person, we ask that you call ahead for an appointment toll free at: 888-592-5086 or email us:

NBC's TODAY Show Uses ProTeam Corvette for Back Drop ProTeam Auburn lent a hand to the Reppert School of Auctioneering held at the Kruse Auction Site in Auburn, Indiana. The top-rated network morning show, NBC TODAY Show, visited the school for a feature on the art and recent up surge in popularity of auctioneering. To see pictures of the ProTeam Corvette lighting up the stage alongside the batmobile, click here. For additional information, contact Pro Team at P.O. Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545, call 888-592-5086, or email:

American Muscle Car visits Pro Team Corvette Sales Recently a quite Midwest Summer afternoon was pierced by the roar of a big block Chevrolet engine. Stan Rarden and the production crew from American Muscle Car were filming an upcoming episode with the Corvettes and staff of ProTeam Corvette Sales. The American Muscle Car crew stopped by mid-June to preview The "Last"™ Corvette, Pro Team's crown jewel in their collection of over 180 Corvettes. Scheduled to air on Speed Channel in November, the show will feature the "last 1967 Corvette" as well as many Classic Corvettes, historical facts, and Corvettes being driven as Muscle cars should! Click here to see photos from the shoot. For additional information, contact Pro Team at P.O. Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545, call 888-592-5086, or email:

Overview of Operations at ProTeam Corvette To better prepare for your story and your trip to the world's largest Corvette collection, we have compiled a list of ProTeam Quick Facts; just the facts about the collection and the facility . If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at: 888-592-5086 or email us:

PROTEAM CORVETTE OVERSEES RESTORATION OF THE “LAST”™ CORVETTE First stage of project underway at Naber’s Motors in Houston and is near complete in time for the debut of the rapid-fire restoration of the "Last Corvette in mid-January 2006 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Click here for the latest press release on this historic undertaking or contact McCullough Public Relations at:

THE "LAST"™ CORVETTE: RESTORED, REBORN, & READY TO AID CHARITY The Chip Miller Charitable Foundation has officially thanked ProTeam Corvette for designating it as the official charity of the "Last"™ Corvette Project. The Foundation was created to fund research, education, and awareness of Amyloidosis. Chip Miller, a lifelong Corvette enthusiast, passed away after being diagnosed with the disease. ProTeam has earmarked $40,000.00 in a dollar-per-dollar matching funds pledge made to the Foundation because of the "Last"™ Project. To read the official Carlisle press release, click here.

ALL CHRISTMAS GIFTS ARE RED When Debra Sims purchased the '59 for her husband John for Christmas, she couldn't have guessed it would be a media event. Writer Jeff Yip from the Houston Chronicle was there to document John opening the ultimate Christmas gift. The story appeared in the Houston Chronicle Wednesday, December 28th. Read the entire story by clicking here or are you interested in a story of the extraordinary people who buy these great cars. There are plenty of stories to tell at our award winners page.

THE BEST FOR LAST - THE "LAST"™ CORVETTE Like in "The Last™ One". The "CABOOSE of all cabooses" is now destined to be the new ProTeam centerpiece... the anchor... the cornerstone of the neatest most unimaginable Corvette collection in the world. THE LAST™ CORVETTE has arrived and has taken its place among the elite list of significant cars to have been featured in past ProTeam collections, ie: CERV I, Entombed '54, '53 Corvette Restoration Celebration, '53 "Harerazn", '58 Corvette Retractable Hardtop. Have we got your attention? Good!! Let me introduce to you #22940, the Last™ Corvette ever produced. Sure, they made Corvettes after 1967... but who cares??? This Corvette is icing on the cake to the world famous Corvettes already in stock at ProTeam. #22940 will undergo an extensive full blown rotisserie body-off restoration after which, it will be campaigned, shown, and displayed throughout the United States and will be available for display upon invitation. THE LAST™ CORVETTE was displayed proudly in its raw unrestored state at the 2005 Bloomington Gold show in St. Charles, Illinois in June and will revisit the Bloomington Gold show again in June 2006 to be presented for sale at the Mecum Gold Corvette Auction of all Auctions. There will be more information at Interesting offers and inquiries are always considered and appreciated. Contact me directly at

"SCOTTY" OFFERED AT NO RESERVE The world's only 1958 Corvette Retractable Hardtop was offered at the Barrett-Jackson Auction on Saturday, January 29th, 2005 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lot #993. This unequaled Corvette was sold at no reserve to the highest bidder at one of the nation's premier classic car auctions. Since its 1994 body-off restoration, "Scotty" has traveled the country participating in many Concours d'Elegance shows from coast to coast and has been the subject of dozens of articles and magazine features. "Scotty" set a world's record at auction for a 1958 Corvette. You can still see the 1958 Corvette in action at the Official Retractable Page dedicated to this unique car. If you plan on visiting, we ask that you call ahead for an appointment toll free at: 888-592-5086 or email us: Click here to view a slideshow of the 1958 Retractable in action.

WHAT & WHEN: The next million-dollar Corvette? Eliminating the 5 Grand Sports, noting the last Grand Sport that sold for 4 million plus dollars, we know 2005 will see the sale of over the million-dollar threshold of another than Grand Sport Corvette. We believe there are 2 Corvettes to be put on the sale watch list that would go for one million and beyond: The first, if it could be purchased, is the 1969 ZL-1 numbering only 1 of 2 is worth a million and even more by all knowledgeable guesses. A 1967 L-88 Corvette is the next candidate for the magic million-dollar mother. Only 20 were produced and estimates indicate only 14 real L-88's exist today! Will these numbers affect the rest of the ordinary Corvettes? You Betcha!! 2005 has all the signs of being a benchmark year for the Corvettes. "The Year of the 1967 Corvette!",

AUBURNS CORDS & DUESENBERGS : They officially left town Thursday morning to head back to Auburn, Indiana for the annual ACD Festival held over the Labor Day weekend but not before fifty of the most beautiful rolling works of art stopped by to visit the most dynamic collection of classic Corvettes. See these cars as they lined up outside ProTeam Corvette. Auburns at ProTeam

A HISTORIC BLOOMINGTON COLLECTION: Three ProTeam 1953 Corvettes were asked to participate in the Bloomington Gold Historical Display at the Bloomington show in St. Charles, Illinois. In celebration of the Corvette's 50th anniversary, Bloomington featured the 1953 Corvette and awarded Historical awards based on history, documentation, and presentation. ProTeam salesman Mike Chilcote represented ProTeam and it's 1953 Corvettes. He answered to a panel of Bloomington judges who then awarded the ProTeam 1953s Bloomington Gold Historical awards. Among Corvettes honored were the "Restoration Celebration Corvette", and the 1953 "HARERAZN" Restored Custom. Read a detailed account with downloadable photos of our very own Special Collection through here.

FIFTY-THREE 1953 CORVETTES AT CARLISLE: Chip Miller brought together an unprecedented reunion of fifty-three 1953 Corvettes capping off a year of celebration in honor of Corvette's 50th Anniversary. The event was held at Corvettes at Carlisle, August 22nd throught the 24th, 2003. ProTeam participated gladly by adding three of our own to the collection. Get a feel what it felt like Click here.

THE 1953 "HARERAZN" CORVETTE : 50 Years and a Trip Back Home:The stylized 1953 classic Corvette was first modified in 1959 has been an award winner for years and added a few more to it's trophy case at the Corvette Expo. Buster Dobb's radical custom went back home to Corvette Knoxville and garnered 3 more awards for it's case. The decades of wins and accolades was punctuated with Buster Dobb's daughter, Tracey, accepting the awards in her father's memory. "HARERAZN" is a true piece of Corvette Americana and you're invited to see why in person or read the complete story here: "HARERAZN" 1953

Record Breaking Bid on 1953 Restoration Celebration Corvette:$170,000.00 brings back Better than new 1953 Corvette to ProTeam. Read about the new centerpiece to ProTeam's already impressive collection. Read complete story here: Celebration Restoration 53

Need a few good shots? Try these generation shots. C1 to C5 Corvettes: Generation Corvette Pictures

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